Why Choose Berkeley?

Signing a contract with Berkeley is like taking a time machine during your product build.

The Berkeley Payments Platform provides a single integration point to access to every payments vendor and capability you would need to build and scale a successful financial technology product, without the massive upfront costs and time it would take to do without us.

Client Support

Berkeley is more than a platform, we are a partner from pre-launch to launch and beyond. Our technology, people, and partnerships enable you to build at speed and scale more efficiently over time.

A Buffet of Modular Services

Our clients like that they can come to us, and get one service, a bundle of services, or even a slice of a single service. Our client Ceridian for example, comes to us for a collection of services that come together to create a single product.


No need for managing multiple vendor contracts. We do that for you. Need to launch another feature or product in the future? You won’t need to go seek out additional vendors, as you can scale with our ever-growing list of vendor partners.

After years of servicing clients in the prepaid card market...

...we saw the endless potential that a card has for so many different business models, ranging from health care to charities to banking.

The problem was that none of these companies could meet the ridiculous minimums and product development requirements involved in adding fintech capabilities to their offering. The potential was there, but access was virtually impossible.

We thought, why can’t this process be accessible to all companies that want to offer a fintech offering and get them to market in a months, instead of years.

Let’s walk through just how impossible the process of launching a fintech product is!

Bank Qualifications

First you would need to get your business qualified by a bank and other vendors. No problems there right? Wrong. You quickly realize that, due to the complexity of the financial services industry, most businesses don’t even qualify


Issuer Setup


Processor Setup

Legal, Compliance, and Security Vendor Contracts - (Multiple Contracts)

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few and you do qualify. Only to find out that it could take months, even years to finalize legal agreements, get through compliance, meet the stringent security requirements, and depending on the features you want to offer, you may need to have those contracts with multiple vendors. Oh boy, this is getting complicated.


Security and Compliance Systems




KYC & Fraud Prevention

The High Costs of Vendors

Well, let’s pretend you make it through all of that. Only now, you find out that each vendor has a different set of fees. In working with multiple contracts, your costs skyrocket quickly. Yikes! The stress is really building and you still haven’t created the product yet.


Payments Setup


Card Printing

With Berkeley, Everything You Need to Launch is Within a Single Integration. Join us!Let's chat!

We get your digital banking product to market fast, without the high upfront costs and lengthy contracts!
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